Snider Industries: Over 85 Years of Customer-Centric Operation Within the Lumber Industry

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Family-owned and operated, Snider Industries has proven that small business, family values can reside in even the largest of industries and is reflected in over 85 years of customer-centric operation within the lumber industry. Upholding a long-standing commitment to superior quality and the satisfaction of their customers, this lumber manufacturer has been labeled an industry leader in all facets: service, product offerings, and overall operation. Jill Snider Brewer, the third-generation owner of the family-owned sawmill, has been decorated with honors over the years including an acknowledgement as the 2016 Person of the Year by Timber Processing Magazine – an industry leading publication reaching both North American and international professionals within the lumber manufacturing trade. The people who make Snider Industries what it is, both those from within and outside the company, continue to shout their praises of the company’s operational values and resulting product offerings, all during an annual production of 55 million board feet of Southern Yellow Pine one-inch lumber.

Based in Marshall, TX, the lumber created by Snider Industries is guaranteed to be clean, dry and dust-free, as it is promised to be protected from weather elements from its removal from conventional steam dry kilns to its delivery to consumers. The company places the lumber in the recently built USNR conventional steam kilns at 180° F for three days, and then allows the lumber to equalize for approximately two weeks before heading to the planer mill. This allows the product to regain a moisture content guaranteed to be below 15 percent and produces a soft, pliable board suitable for multiple purposes, including millwork and patterns. The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB) approves the lumber products for grades of D & Better, #2 or #3 in 8’ through 16’ lengths, 4” to 12” in width.

The finished lumber products, which are offered in a wide variety of patterns, are stored in the 220,000 square-foot, fully enclosed storage and loading facility. The customers value the clean, dry and dust-free delivery and protection of Snider products. With the space allotted, Snider is able to stock and fulfill most orders immediately and strives to make the purchasing process from order to pick-up as convenient as possible.

“The goal of the company is, of course, not only to lead in the industry, but also to provide quality products and services, and a positive working environment for everyone, all the time. Over the years, we’ve made adjustments in our operations to better meet the needs of the customer and the results have been extremely rewarding for both our target market and our internal operations,” said Brewer.

The team at Snider Industries remains keen on the importance of not falling victim to ‘legacy disease,’ continuing business practices without consideration for change and improvement. After decades of providing exceptional quality Southern Yellow Pine lumber, the state of constant awareness of advancements within the industry and the effectiveness of their own processes, continues to make the company both competitive and relevant.

Just as the company invests in fine-tuning the lumber operations, the CMS (Customer Management System) implemented many years ago, continues to improve customer productivity and overall experience. The password-protected web portal allows the lumber customers 24-hour access to every phase of their purchasing process, providing more hands-on management of their account. Customers continually credit the noted improvement with their own increased productivity and purchase planning.

“Every step of our process is finely tuned to produce quality. We maintain a steady supply of raw materials for sawmill operations via timber purchased locally and from our land base of over 50,000 acres. We implement our processes through the high-tech operations of our facilities’ management systems. We have been generating ‘green’ biomass electrical and meeting thermal power needs for our plant operations since 1982, generating approximately 32,000 Texas Renewable Energy Credits (REC) for purchase annually. All of these things make us who we are, and we continue to strive to find more ways to satisfy our customers’ needs and to pay honor to the generations of family who made it all possible,” said Brewer.

The infamous year of 2020 forced companies to focus on the value of the fundamentals in business operation and the substantial worth that resides within the company itself. Amidst tremendous change across all industries, this lumber manufacturer remained ahead of the curve with its CMS capabilities as the lumber industry scrambled to adapt to the necessary digital implementations. Though the developments continue as the implications of the pandemic carry on, Snider Industries—already positioned as a lead generator of Southern Yellow Pine pre-pandemic—continues to search for ways to exceptionally produce and serve.
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