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Buyers read National Hardwood Magazine to keep up with the latest developments in the Hardwood Industry. . . both on the supplier side and in the marketplace. You know what’s happening through news and articles about sawmills, plant expansions, start-ups, buyer profiles, and market trends in the major Hardwood purchasing areas. Special plant tour features give you Hardwood purchasing needs and production methods. You will have exclusive reports on all the major Hardwood association activities and meetings. . . both national and regional, plus special presentations on problems and new technology being developed and utilized in the Hardwood industry. Published monthly with a circulation of 5,000 and is sent to buyers using #2 Common & Btr. purchasing 100,000 bd. ft. annually.

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Don’t be fooled!  Soy burgers will never replace steak burgers. There’s absolutely no comparison. So it is with real Hardwood: a gift straight from Mother Nature. No fillers. No additives. And no unwelcome surprises. Real American Hardwood’s beauty, strength and unmatched reputation have stood the test of time – a treasure prized throughout generations that far outweighs any wood-like imitators or substitutes. And with Hermitage Hardwood, it’s not a hard choice when you want the best! Give us a call to find out more of the true benefits of genuine Appalachian Hardwood.  –  931-526-6832


National Hardwood Magazine

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