The Benefits of Solid Wood Cabinets

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By Kasey White, Wellborn Cabinets

The Benefits of Solid Wood Cabinets

The Benefits of Solid Wood Cabinets 1
Kasey White

It’s been said for years that the kitchen is the heart of the home and that still holds true. The kitchen is a gathering place for the whole family. You cook there, everyone goes through the kitchen multiple times a day, some might even eat in their kitchen at breakfast bars. Because this room is so heavy in traffic, making the space appealing is a high priority for most homeowners. You don’t want to spend most of your time in a dull and boring area of your home. The cabinetry in your kitchen can play a huge part in this. Solid wood cabinets can upgrade both the value and the look of your kitchen. Plus, bringing in those natural wood grain textures adds personality and depth to your space.

Strength and Durability

Solid wood cabinets have the advantage of being extremely durable. Having a real wood cabinet can mean the difference between something that will last years or for a lifetime. High-end woods, like oak, are known to last for years and lend their incredible strength to your kitchen cabinets.

The Benefits of Solid Wood Cabinets 2

Maintaining Value

As mentioned above, solid wood cabinets are durable and will most likely last you for a lifetime. So how do you maintain the value of your wood cabinets? With cleaning, polishing, and carefully avoiding harmful cleaners your solid wood cabinets will never lose their beauty. Another perk to solid wood cabinets is even if they suffer damage over time, it’s incredibly simple to sand and re-finish them, whereas with materials like laminate, you’d have to have them professionally repaired or buy all new cabinets.

Renewable and Eco-Friendly

It may sound crazy but, using solid wood cabinets is actually an environmentally friendly choice. Wood is a naturally renewable source and can actually cause less stress to the environment than using some other materials that are not renewable. Also, with solid wood cabinets you can use sustainable or recycled raw materials to have an even higher positive impact on the environment.

The Benefits of Solid Wood Cabinets 3


Solid wood kitchen cabinets also come with the added perk of making it super easy to customize your space. By mixing and matching different wood grains and textures, you can create a kitchen that fits your design perfectly. Not to mention, you can also paint and stain your wood cabinets with ease to create even more options for customization. Wood materials like character maple and character cherry are great options if you want to stain your cabinets and have a beautiful and unique look, while wood like Maple is a perfect option to paint since it accepts the paint beautifully.

The Benefits of Solid Wood Cabinets 4

Matching and Pairing

We previously mentioned how you can mix and match wood grains, you can also do that with the color palette of your kitchen. Having the natural wood graining to your kitchen cabinets allows you to customize other areas of your kitchen to add your own style. For example, by adding a white kitchen island you can make the island pop while highlighting the natural beauty of your cabinets. You can even add other pops of color with your hardware, the options are endless.

The Benefits of Solid Wood Cabinets 5

The Beauty

While other cabinet materials like laminate are beautiful in their own right, at the end of the day they are artificial. With the solid wood cabinets, you get all the natural wood grain other materials only dream of. Each wood species has its own unique characteristics, both in wood graining and color. This also varies from tree to tree, making it so each cabinet is unique to the homeowner. You can request a catalog to see how to let your wood cabinet’s natural beauty shine.

Buying Solid Wood Cabinets

As always, make sure you do your research before purchasing your cabinets. Check into the type of wood and also the cabinet building process to see what fits you and your space best. Speaking with your local Wellborn dealer is an excellent way to understand price points and the total investment from start to finish. Yes, solid wood cabinets tend to be higher on the price scale, but they are also higher on the scales of beauty, durability, and personalization.

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