Who’s Who in Softwoods

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Who’s Who in Softwoods 1
Gurinder Grewal

Gurinder Grewal is a sales representative at Partap Forest Products Ltd., located in Maple Ridge, B.C. His current role includes generating leads, meeting sales goals, promoting company programs, and addressing client inquiries.

Partap is a family-owned and operated company, proudly serving since 2004, and is recognized as a top producer of Western Red Cedar and Pacific Hem-Fir lumber products. With an annual output of over 100 million board feet, they offer a diverse range of products, including dimensional lumber, appearance & structural timbers, fencing, decking, balusters, and fascia boards.

Partap’s facility is equipped with modern machinery, featuring two high-speed planers, a moulder, and a package saw line. Their timbers are available in multiple lengths and in all sizes from 6’x6” to 12’x12”, as well as custom sizes upon request.

Gurinder has been a valued member of Partap Forest Products Ltd. for close to 10 years. His first job was on the green chain pulling lumber. He has been in his current sales role for around a year and a half.

During his free time, he enjoys off-roading, target shooting, car racing, golf, basketball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, paintballing, woodworking, investing, barbecuing, and boating.

Partap Forest Products is a member of the North American Wholesale Lumber Association, Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, BC Wood Association, Pacific Hem-Fir and Independent Wood Processors Association.

For more information visit www.partap.ca, or contact Grewal at Gurinder@partap.ca or 777-874-6820.

Who’s Who in Softwoods 2
J Gonzales

J Gonzales is the Vice President of Sales Central Division for Humboldt /Allweather Wood, LLC, located in Loveland, CO. He is responsible for leading the Central Division’s team to develop and grow the Humboldt Sawmill brand of Douglas Fir and Redwood products along with the Allweather Wood brand of Preservative Treated lumber products east of the Rocky Mountains.

Humboldt Sawmill is a manufacturer and distributor of Redwood, Douglas Fir, Hem Fir and Pine products. The Allweather Wood Loveland plant is a full-line preservative treated manufacturing facility combined with product distribution capabilities.

Humboldt Sawmill is a member of the North American Wholesale Lumber Association. The Loveland, CO facility specializes in the preservative treatment of Hem Fir, Douglas Fir, Lodgepole Pine, Ponderosa Pine and Southern Yellow Pine species as well as the distribution of Humboldt Sawmill Redwood and Douglas Fir products. The plant currently services markets in nine central region states: Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Gonzales has worked with the Mendocino Forest Products and Allweather Wood family of companies for 25 years and has been in his current position since December 2022.

Gonzales’ first job in the forest products industry was as a general yard laborer at the Fort Collins plant of Allweather Wood (now closed). His position would change to forklift operator, dispatcher, Inside Sales Associate, Manager of Inside Sales and then Director of Sales.

“It has been extremely rewarding and a pleasure to work with such good people,” Gonzales said. “I am proud to have been a part of the teams responsible for our culture and growth.”

In his free time, Gonzales enjoys fly fishing (overhand as well as Spey casting), fly tying, racquetball, and golf.

For more information about Humboldt Sawmill, visit www.getredwood.com and Allweather Wood, www.Allweatherwood.com or contact Gonzales directly by phone (800) 621-0991 or email j.gonzales@allweatherwood.com.

Who’s Who in Softwoods 3
Kenzie Hand

Kenzie Hand is the sales account manager for the Western U.S. at MiCROTEC, located in Corvallis, OR. MiCROTEC is a log and lumber scanning solutions company.

MiCROTEC’s equipment includes a CT Log Scanner, a tomography scanner that provides a complete reconstruction of logs’ internal features, allowing logs to be graded and sorted by quality and optimize the cutting solution; MiCROTEC’s Logeye Stereo, a stereoscopic imaging system which is the only worldwide scanner that provides a full 360-degree scan of a log as it’s rolling into a carriage, headrig, end dogger, or from a transverse to lineal conveyor; and Lucidyne, a high performance lineal scanning system for planer mills, using MiCROTEC Ai to grade lumber with powerful sensors working together as one sensor set, this scanner brings more accuracy and less complication to the scanning process, minimizing downtime, reducing trim loss and increasing product consistency.

Hand has been in her position for over 10 years. She started at Lucidyne as a marketing specialist before the company was bought by MiCROTEC.

Hand earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from Oregon State University. She enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, watching football and spending time with her family and husband of five years, Jacob Hand, and her puppies.

MiCROTEC belongs to the Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association, Mississippi Lumber Manufacturers Association, Western Wood Products Association, Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association and National Hardwood Lumber Association.

For more information, call 514-643-9673, email Kenzie.hand@microtec.us or visit www.microtec.us.

Who’s Who in Softwoods 4
Lori Byrd

Lori Byrd is the Director of Plywood and Solid Wood Sales at RoyOMartin, a leading manufacturer of Southern Yellow Pine plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), and timbers. Operating from their corporate hub in Alexandria, LA, RoyOMartin proudly boasts an impressive portfolio of facilities, including two state-of-the-art OSB plants in Oakdale, LA, and Corrigan, TX, as well as a dedicated plywood and solid wood plant in Chopin, LA.

RoyOMartin’s reputation in the industry is underlined by its affiliations with organizations like Lumberman’s Association of Texas, North American Wholesale Lumber Association, APA, and RIMA.

Byrd’s journey in this industry spans over four decades. Starting her career at Harvey Engineering in Hot Springs, AR, Byrd’s passion, and dedication soon led her to Weyerhaeuser, where she honed her skills in purchasing for their distribution network for a commendable eighteen years. Since 1997, Byrd has been an asset to RoyOMartin, driving their plywood sales vision with unmatched expertise.

Her contribution to the wood industry goes beyond her primary roles. Byrd has been a member of the NAWLA board of directors since 2020 and ascended to the executive committee in 2023 as the at-large member. Additionally, her leadership shone brightly when she chaired the NAWLA Trader’s Market in 2020 and 2021.

But the Byrd legacy doesn’t stop with Lori. The industry runs deep in the Byrd family. Her husband, Bobby Byrd, boasts a four-decade tenure in the industry and contributes his expertise to RoyOMartin. Their daughter, Ali Hathorn, further carries on the family legacy, serving as RoyOMartin’s trusted pharmacist since 2017.

With such passion and dedication, it’s evident that for the Byrd family, wood isn’t just an industry – it’s a legacy.

For more information, go to royomartin.com.

By Miller Wood Trade Publications

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By Miller Wood Trade Publications

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