The HMA ‘Big Picture!’

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In today’s confusing and unpredictable world, I continue to take comfort in the cyclical nature of HMA’s calendar of events. Don’t misunderstand. Each day typically includes a host of surprises that often makes HMA-life chaotic. But, when looking at the HMA ‘big picture,’ there is a systematic and methodical rhythm to the work we do for our membership that provides a calming sense of order.

For as long as any of us can remember, March has been HMA National Conference and Expo month, and March 2023 was no exception. We’ve just closed the books on NatCon ’23, and based on feedback from our membership, it was an absolute win. Informative business sessions! A sold-out Expo! Plenty of networking and industry comradery! To all involved in making it such a crowd-pleaser, thank you!

The advent of Spring triggers preparation for an HMA Regional Meeting. And later this month, May 24-25 specifically, HMA members will be heading to the Bluegrass State for HMA’s members’ only Spring Regional Meeting in Lexington, Kentucky. (Meeting Registration and tour details are available at

Many members tell us they belong to the HMA specifically to participate in the Regional Meetings. The value is that great. By touring Hardwood sawmills, concentration yards and secondary manufacturing facilities, they get to see the latest technology at work; witness working solutions to common problems; conduct their own field research; and exchange information with seasoned counterparts. (Up close and personal. It doesn’t get much better than that.)

As summer rolls around, planning for next year’s National Conference and Expo kicks into gear, and so does the planning and activity involved in finalizing the details of a Fall Regional. Then before we know it, we’re closing out the year, and regrouping for what lies ahead. As I said, the calming cyclical nature of HMA’s calendar of events.

Considering HMA membership? Visit Then contact me,, to discuss membership criteria, member benefits, and the ins-and-outs of our storied Association. And yes, there is still time to register to attend our Spring Regional. It would be great to see you there.

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By Linda Jovanovich

Executive Vice President, Hardwood Manufacturers Association, Pittsburgh, PA 412-244-0440 HMAMEMBERS.ORG

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