Strasser Celebrates 40 Years As A Family

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Woodinville, WA–Strasser, headquartered here, manufactures bathroom vanities, furniture, and accessories. The company utilizes 125,000 board feet of Hardwood lumber annually of Cherry, Maple, Alder and Oak in 3/4-inch thicknesses. Moulding blanks are also used to build furniture components and shaker doors.

Strasser Celebrates 40 Years As A Family 1
Employees at Strasser take pride in crafting beautiful and elegant furniture including the Alki collection

The people at Strasser take pride in crafting beautiful and elegant furniture in a clean facility that meets or exceeds all federal and Washington State EPA guidelines. With a focus on producing high-quality, American-made vanities and components, Vice President of Sales Peter Ollestad said the operation celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2022. “We are proud to support our employees, their families, and the economy of our community,” Ollestad said. “Our people are long-term, and they have a lot of experience. Our Production Manager Eduardo Torres has been here for over 25 years. Purchasing Manager Megan Robinson has been with Strasser for over 20 years. I’ve been here for 18 years, and many of our factory employees have been with us for 20 to 30 years. We have a tenured team, and this is a family operation. Most of us are not family, but we feel like family.”

Strasser Celebrates 40 Years As A Family 2

Procuring lumber directly from sawmills, Ollestad said sustainability and quality are priorities at Strasser. Recently the company invested in an upgraded beam saw from Otto Mayer Engineering Works. He explained, “We utilize the saw for our side panels, inside divider panels, doors and drawers. Our operator, Jesus Lara, is impressed with its performance. He says it is naturally automated; it is quick starting up and shutting down, saving time. It is also fast to calibrate. Strasser will also save money and material, as the computer system/saw finds the best way to cut in order to minimize waste.”

Strasser Celebrates 40 Years As A Family 3
Strasser has a focus on producing high-quality, American-made vanities and components including the Newhalem.
Strasser Celebrates 40 Years As A Family 4
Luxury Products Group named Strasser its supplier of the year for 2021.

When asked what sets Strasser apart from other operations, Ollestad said, “Quality product and customer service are our keys to success. At Strasser, our customer service doesn’t stop with the people answering the phones. From the factory to myself to the president of Strasser, we realize the way to stay in business is by producing a quality product and offering better service than our competitors. Our strength lies in our selection, quality, and service. With designs, sizes, and different patterns, we have about 50,000 different product combinations,” Ollestad said. “On top of that, we can offer some custom solutions. If the customer can show us what they are looking for, we can probably produce it.”

Strasser was supported by the Washington Manufacturing Association (WMA) during a time when many companies were moving manufacturing overseas. Ollestad explained, “We don’t have inventory sitting around gathering dust. Lean manufacturing allows us to be competitive in the global market and still manufacture our products in the United States. The WMA approached us with pro-bono consulting services in 1999. We reviewed the production operation together, and WMA suggested bringing in GEMBA Research to introduce lean manufacturing techniques. From there the rest was seamless. We introduced lean manufacturing techniques and ‘just-in-time’ practices in purchasing and production, which eliminated inventory.”

Strasser Celebrates 40 Years As A Family 5
Long-tenured employees in the factory at Strasser manufacture quality products.

Further investing into a commitment to lean manufacturing, the Strasser company president traveled to Japan. He visited 14 companies in different industries that used lean manufacturing techniques throughout their operations. Toyota City was among the plants he visited where he observed impressive efficiency using lean techniques. Strasser continued to evolve, and over the course of the following two years, production and sales managers accompanied GEMBA Research consultants to Japan to learn techniques firsthand.

The people at Strasser are consistent about finding ways to conserve energy, reduce waste, increase recycling and use cleaner manufacturing practices. Ollestad commented, “We know the importance of leaving a cleaner world for future generations and we are continually evaluating ways to reduce energy consumption. We have upgraded LED lighting, purchased highly efficient air compressor equipment, and upgraded waste management procedures.”

Strasser Celebrates 40 Years As A Family 6
Strasser makes bathroom vanities, furniture and accessories, including the Belltown.
Strasser Celebrates 40 Years As A Family 7
Strasser uses hi-tech equipment in its factory.

As a testament to their commitment to stewardship, all of the leftover scrap wood is recycled and there is a dust collection system that collects residual wood released during the processing of the raw wood. Ollestad said finishing equipment is installed and maintained to collect any negative-impact materials appropriately. The materials are then turned over to environmental professionals that specialize in the safe and effective handling of those materials. All of the company’s corrugated cardboard material and containers used in the packaging and transport of products are made with 40 percent recycled material. Multiple collection bins are placed throughout their facilities for recycling and diversion of production materials from landfills. Even the company sales brochures and catalogs are printed on FSC-certified paper.

As for what the future holds for Strasser, Ollestad said they will continue to improve efficiencies, and new products will be introduced in the first quarter of 2023.

Strasser Woodenworks is a member of Master Builders Association, American Society of Interior Designers, National Kitchen and Bath Association and the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association.

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Strasser Celebrates 40 Years As A Family 8
The work done in the spray room is one step in manufacturing high-quality products at Strasser.
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