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Over the course of the week, a lot of ‘stuff’ finds its way into my email or floats across my desk. And no matter how busy I am, I make every attempt to give all of it the once-over, to ensure I’m not disregarding something important. That’s how I tapped into the work of David Grossman, Founder and CEO of a Chicago-based communications consultancy focused on strategic leadership development and communications.

I found it interesting that Grossman wrote, “Research shows the average ‘prospect’ needs to hear a message seven times before taking action. To engage key influencers and thought leaders, communicate with them in multiple ways. Clearly, repetition is your friend.”

That takes me to today’s topic, HMA membership. And I’m hoping that repetition is my friend.

Several months ago, my column in this fine publication dealt with the many benefits of membership in the Hardwood Manufacturers Association (HMA). And following Grossman’s sound advice, I’m taking this opportunity to again ask, is HMA membership right for you? Might the following member benefits assist you in your strategic planning?

Regional Meetings: By touring sawmills, concentration yards and secondary manufacturing facilities, HMA members get to see the latest technology at work; witness working solutions to common problems; exchange information with seasoned counterparts; then participate in discussions on industry issues, forest resource topics, or Hardwood market updates. Conducted in the spring and fall of each year, these educational events are designed to deliver maximum value in minimal time. (The Fall Regional Meeting is slated for October 19-20, in St. Louis.)

National Conference & Expo: HMA’s annual, two-day event features speakers, workshops and roundtables on domestic and global economics, manufacturing and market trends, innovation, and issues of strategic significance to the Hardwood industry. Industry suppliers present and display the newest technology throughout the Conference & Expo. Receptions and meal venues provide opportunities for member-to-member socializing, networking, information and idea exchanges, and plenty of the best kind of fellowship. (National Conference & Expo 2023 is planned for March 22-24, at the JW Marriott Nashville.)

Industry Support: With the mindset of “one industry, comprised of leaders united,” HMA members recognize the importance of working together to shape the industry for future generations. To that end, financial support is given to the Hardwood Federation, our industry’s advocacy voice on Capitol Hill; the American Hardwood Export Council, the international association promoting American Hardwood, globally; and the Real American Hardwood Coalition, the Association-led, voluntary promotion initiative working to raise consumer awareness and interest in using Real American HardwoodTM products.

NextGen Leaders Council: Created to engage the next generation of industry leaders and to assist in their professional development, Council members participate in HMA-sponsored projects and are encouraged to attend HMA Board of Directors meetings and Hardwood Federation Fly-Ins, to become familiar with all aspects of the HMA and to gain insight into industry issues. Jim Howard, Chief Executive Officer of Atlanta Hardwood Corporation, is the current Council Coordinator and anticipates an energizing schedule of activities going forward.

Bottom Line: If being part of a producer-to-producer industry network is important; If you’d like access to a unique forest products industry brain trust; If joining up with a group of people that will positively affect your life is important, then ‘yes,’ HMA membership is right for you!

Visit HMAmembers.org to learn more. Then email me, ljovanovich@hardwood.org, to get your HMA membership rolling.

By Miller Wood Trade Publications

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