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Scott Hurst

Bingaman & Son Lumber, Inc. Introduces New President

Chris Bingaman announced that Scott Hurst assumed the role of President of Bingaman & Son Lumber Inc. on January 1st, 2024. Hurst joined Bingaman as accounting manager in 1994 and served as CFO since 2008.

When making the announcement Chris stated, “I am confident Scott is dedicated to maintaining our core values and possesses skills we need for our future.” Chris will remain as CEO.

Chris added, “One of our company’s core values is stewardship. We describe it as, managing our relationships and resources as a trust given from God, which inspires our vision for the future!” This value applies to the stewardship of the organization.

In 2017 Bingaman created an executive team to plan corporate leadership transition that would bring continuity to the values and the talent that the company needed for a successful future.

They are making this change now to demonstrate an intentional transition plan to their employees and business partners.

Bingaman & Son Lumber Inc. headquartered in Kreamer, PA is an ESOP company with five locations in Pennsylvania.

For more information, visit

NWH Announces Alder Seedling Program

NWH, located in Frisco, TX, a premier hardwoods supplier to North America, Europe and Asia, proudly announced the successful allocation of 35,000 Alder seedlings in its first year of its Alder Seedling Program. The initiative is part of NWH’s enduring commitment to ecological balance and forest diversity in the Pacific Northwest.

In recent years, commercial forests have seen a decline in Alder populations, overtaken by softwood species like Douglas Fir. The NWH Alder Seedling Program aims to address this imbalance by nurturing the ecosystem and promoting species diversity. “Alder trees play a crucial role in maintaining the natural balance of our forests,” said Nathan Jeppson, CEO at NWH. “Through this effort, we’re taking a significant step toward a more sustainable and biodiverse future.”

Working with PRT Nursery, the program has made strides in forest restoration by providing robust container stock seedlings, sourced from Weyerhaeuser to local foresters. These seedlings are specially adapted to thrive in various growing zones, enhancing their survival rates. Recipients also benefit from a best practices guide to ensure optimal planting and care.

The 2024 allocation was recently completed to recipients like Sarah Deumling, longtime owner of Zena Forest Products, an Oregon-based multi-generational family business. “My mission is to prove that you can do forestry ecologically and still make a living, and the NWH Alder Seedling Project is a big step towards making that happen,” said Deumling. “These trees are integral to the health of the forest and the health of the planet.”

NWH is already preparing for its next allocation later this year. Those interested are encouraged to sign up for updates on the 2025 program online. “Our dedication to the environment goes beyond a single project,” said Caitlin Wind, Log Procurement Specialist at NWH. “We’re invested long term in the longevity of our forests and the world we all live in.”

The company offers its thanks to everyone who is partnering on this journey towards a greener future. NWH’s Alder Seedling program is a testament to its commitment to leading the way in environmental initiatives within its industries and communities. People can learn more about and track the program’s progress at

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Paul Cleereman

Cleereman Industries Installs New Mazak Machines And Makes Upgrades For Their Customers

Cleereman Industries, headquartered in Newald, WI, recently installed a Mazak C&C-Vertical Mill with four axes and a Mazak CNC turning center with live tooling in their Edger Division, located in Crandon, WI, which is the machining center for the company.

“We have several C&C machines in this facility for doing a lot of our machining. We machine our band mills, log turner bars and edgers, along with a wide variety of other components for our sawmill equipment lines,” said Paul Cleereman, vice president of Cleereman Industries. Currently the company is building one complete edger a month along with other sawmill equipment.

Paul noted that the Mazak team spent a week training the Cleereman machinists and that both machines are in full production after being installed at the beginning of January.

“This was a large capital investment by our company, and it will increase production and allow Cleereman to improve our delivery and lead times on equipment. These two machines open a lot of new possibilities of what Cleereman can do in house.

In the past on some of our new equipment lines we had to send different items out for machining but now we can do everything in house. This is huge for us because we control turnaround times where in the past we were at the mercy of someone else’s schedule,” Paul said.

Newswires 4
Mazak C&C-Vertical Mill with live tooling.

The new machine centers will allow Cleereman to be more efficient and increase their production. This will not only allow them to control rising costs and long lead-times in the supply chain, but it will also allow them to manufacture at a lower cost, passing the savings on to their customers, according to Paul.

Cleereman Industries has a major expansion planned in 2024 and is adding 15,000 square feet of manufacturing. The new facility will allow the company to increase production to keep up with the demand for their different equipment lines.

“With the demand for our turnkey sawmill solutions and different equipment lines the expansion allows us to increase production. Cleereman Industries offers complete turnkey sawmills, and this has become something that we are doing more and more of.

Over the last several years we have been building more complete sawmills. Cleereman takes care of everything from engineering to electrical drawings and all the equipment from the Debarker through the trimmer and everything in-between. This is all done as an engineered solution which saves time and money for the sawmill customers,” Paul added.

In other news, Cleereman recently upgraded Rock Wood Products sawmill, as well as replaced BrownLee Lumber’s existing edger with a Cleereman 654 optimized edger.

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Mazak CNC turning center with live tooling and a Cleereman edger roll being machined.

Rock Wood Products, located in Bowling Green, VA, made an upgrade to their sawmill. They replaced their existing 24-year-old Cleereman model 40 carriage with a new Cleereman LP-36 linear positioning four headblock carriage. The new carriage has Cleereman Controls with 3-D scanning. They also replaced their existing board edger with a new Cleereman 642- 3-saw optimized board edger with Cleereman Controls.

BrownLee Lumber, located in Brookville, PA, recently replaced their existing edger with a Cleereman 654 optimized edger. This edger is a combination machine that features an optimized board edger on one side of the edger box and a gang on the other side of the edger box. The new edger has Cleereman Controls.

Cleereman Industries will display their new edger model, an 854-combination machine, at the Richmond Expo, April 12th-13th. This new edger model will be offered with or without optimization. This machine will have an 8-1/2-inch pass through. “Our customers have been asking for an 8-inch machine for some time now,” Paul said.

Cleereman Industries is a family-owned business located in Wisconsin and employs over 50 employees. Cleereman Industries president is Fran Cleereman who has over 60 years at Cleereman Industries. Fran’s beliefs have always been customer service and quality equipment at a fair price.

For more information, visit

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Geoff Gannon

TS Manufacturing Acquires Remaining Shares in A&E And Makes Installation At Gutchess Lumber

TS Manufacturing, located in Lindsay, ON, is proud to announce the acquisition of the remaining shares in A&E.

As TS enters this new phase with the acquisition of A&E, they are eager to share key updates and reassure their valued customers and partners about the future of this collaboration.

According to a company representative, they are proud to announce the purchase of the remaining shares from Brian Smith, Managing Director at A&E. Smith, and the dedicated teams at A&E, both in New Zealand and the USA, have forged deep connections with their customers, developing products that are integral to the industry.

These relationships and innovations are the bedrock of A&E’s success and will continue to be a focal point for TS as they move forward.

The commitment that TS has to continuing to service their customers under their existing brands remains unwavering. The company wants to assure all their clients that the high standards of service and product quality will continue as they uphold the unique strengths of both TS Manufacturing and A&E operating independently.

This acquisition symbolizes not just organizational growth but a strengthening of their shared dedication to innovation and excellence in customer service.

TS is optimistic about the future and the myriad of opportunities this partnership will continue to bring as they expand their offerings with the enhanced breadth of knowledge and expertise available in a team of nearly 150 strong capable personnel.

In other news, TS Manufacturing recently completed its installation and successful startup of a green stacker and patented AccuPlacer line at Gutchess Lumber Co., in Cortland, NY. This innovative installation utilized the first TS Stacker that incorporated Continuous Stacking hoist and AccuPlacer together to provide reduced cycle times between packages, resulting in a lower “peak layer rate” required overall.

This improvement in “Stacking Uptime” allows Gutchess Lumber to maintain their focus on ensuring the courses stacked are manually “optimized” to ensure the finished lumber meets their exacting standards, according to Geoff Gannon, system sales, USA.

The installation involved a new Unscrambler, Course Makeup area and TS Servo stacker with Servo Lifting, Air Gapping and Servo forks, coupled with a secondary hoist uniquely positioned to allow the patented AccuPlacer Gen 2 to be optimally positioned to further minimize “cycle times” and ensure consistent stick placement on every layer.

This installation represents the 12th patented AccuPlacer installation for TS Manufacturing and the 8th one installed with a new stacker. The upgraded Generation 2 worked to reduce pneumatics without losing the industry leading capability of handling crooked sticks of the AccuPlacer.

With its ability to handle crooked sticks, while ensuring that they are oriented correctly when being placed has enabled AccuPlacer customers to save millions of dollars in stick costs while increasing stacking efficiency. Gannon noted that it is for this reason that customers continue to upgrade their existing stackers with the addition of AccuPlacers, with upgrades including installations on competitors’ “Auto Stickering Stackers”, resulting in increased stacker production and decreased stick costs.

Coupling the precision of the AccuPlacer with TS Manufacturing’s unique servo “air gapping” and Servo fork system allows hardwood mills focused on quality to ensure their layers are stacked with optimized air flow for stable packs regardless of the grade of lumber. This ensures stackers can maximize the lumber in a pack without risking pack quality, resulting in flatter, better lumber without increasing the kiln costs.

TS Manufacturing offers a complete line of machinery, controls and software to fit their customers’ mills. For more information on their complete line of sawmill and planer mill offerings, please email them at, call (705) 324-3762 or visit

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Ryan Todd

TMX Shipping Co., Inc. Welcomes Ryan Todd

Ryan Todd recently joined TMX Shipping, located in Morehead City, NC. Todd came to TMX from the Ocean Carrier segment of the Global Transportation Industry.

Todd was previously with Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) for 16 years where he worked in various roles including customer service, line management, special projects teams, business transformation teams and led the Customer Experience division.

Thrilled to leverage his extensive knowledge, Todd envisions a future at TMX marked by a personalized and seamless shipping experience, considering it the epitome of successful business transactions in the industry.

He is excited to add innovative value to TMX’s customer base and actively contribute to the expansion of product offerings into new market segments. This strategic move positions Todd as a key player in TMX Shipping’s pursuit of excellence and the company is thrilled to have him join the team.

For more information, visit

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Stephen A. Zambo

The AGL Group Expands Services To U.S.-Mexico Border

The AGL Group, headquartered in Weymouth, MA, an international logistics firm and a leading freight forwarder of forest products, has expanded their offerings to now offer service to U.S.-Mexico border as well as interior Mexico.

With offices in Jacksonville, FL, Barranquilla, Colombia and a 52,000 square foot warehouse in Blakeslee, PA, AGL has a team dedicated to cross border shipments. As the U.S.-Mexico trade grows AGL has strategically positioned itself to be able to offer service straight through direct to its clients Mexican partners.

“We no longer need to transload at the border, or have multiple entities involved. We truly are a one stop shop for all loads going to the border and into Mexico,” said Stephen Zambo, CEO.

To begin shipping with AGL into Mexico, please email Stephen Zambo at, call their main line at 781-544-3970 or visit

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Andrea Green

Continental Underwriters Inc. Promotes Andrea Green

Continental Underwriters Inc., located in Richmond, VA, recently promoted Andrea Green to Risk Assessment and Claims Director of Operations. In this new role Green will oversee the day-to-day operations of the Risk Assessment and Claims Division by evaluating and implementing processes throughout the division, while coordinating with other divisions throughout Continental Underwriters to develop and implement processes that connect all of the company’s divisions and to help their teams operate more efficiently.

She also manages and oversees all of the claims for Continental Underwriters book of business and helps in the recruiting, hiring and onboarding process for her division.

Continental Underwriters Inc. is a Managing General Agency (MGA) and wholesaler providing the forest products industry in North America with a broad range of insurance and risk management solutions designed to safeguard against losses and protect the value of the businesses they insure. Their programs offer a portfolio of insurance coverages for the building materials, lumber, forest products and woodworking industries.

Green’s first job in the forest products industry was when she was hired by Continental Underwriters in 2019. When she first joined the company, she brought over nine years of valuable experience in the insurance industry, primarily in claims handling.

A company representative said that Green has proven to be an excellent addition to their team, as she possesses a strong passion for assisting others and is driven to develop her career further by deepening her knowledge of the company’s forest products niche. She is dedicated to providing top-notch service to Continental Underwriters’ clients, agents and carrier partners.

Green has been married to Bobby Green since 2022 and enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as visiting local wineries and traveling.

Continental Underwriters is a member of Lake States Lumber Association, Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association, Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc., National Wood Pallet & Container Association, Hardwood Manufacturers Association, North Carolina Forestry Association, Western Wood Products Association, Mississippi Lumber Manufacturers Association, Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association, Great Lakes Timber Association, National Hardwood Lumber Association, Virginia Forestry Association, West Virginia Forestry Association and Wood Products Manufacturers Association.

For more information, visit

Newswires 10
Eric Gee

SFPA Approves Dues Credit To Lumber Manufacturer Members

Southern Forest Products Association’s (SFPA) executive committee has approved a credit of $155,000, or 51 percent of budgeted dues. With “flexibility” in its capital reserves, SFPA will return the excess revenue in the form of a dues credit on monthly reported Southern Pine lumber shipments.

“The significant credit demonstrates SFPA’s commitment to prudent budgeting and increasing SFPA’s value for its members,” said Eric Gee, SFPA’s executive director. “This ongoing dedication has allowed the SFPA, for the third time in its 118-year history, to share excess revenue with lumber manufacturer members.”

SFPA of Metairie, LA is a nonprofit trade association that has represented manufacturers of Southern Pine lumber since 1915. Today, SFPA is the leading source of information about Southern Pine lumber products for design-build professionals and consumers.

“As we move forward into 2024, we remain committed to building on the success of our lumber promotion activities, international market development, and the Forest Products Machinery and Equipment Exposition,” said Rich Mills, chairman of SFPA’s board of directors.

For more information, go to

American Hardwood Export Council Visits Bram Woodcrafting Studio

Newswires 11
Bram Woodcrafting Studio in Mysore, India.

Recently the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) visited the Bram Woodcrafting Studio (BWS) in Mysore, India. BWS specializes in the prototyping, custom design and manufacturing of solid wood products. BWS creates products that stay true to the principles of carpentry, geometry and that are built for generations to come.

Newswires 12
Among those that toured the Bram Woodcrafting Studio were, (left to right) Neil Summers, AHEC/Headquarters, Sterling, VA; Adam Markowitz, Markowitzdesign, Northcote, Australia; John Hise, Classic American Hardwood, Memphis, TN; Rod Wiles, AHEC, Dubai; David Venables, AHEC/London.

BWS believes in creating products that stay true to the principles of carpentry and that are built to last. The studio approaches each design with equal zeal, using intricate engineering where required to achieve any shape or form. They combine all the knowledge of various collaborators, following the deontology established across the profession to achieve designs that stay true to proportions.

For more information visit or

Allegheny Wood Products Ceasing Operations

According to MetroNews, The Voice of West Virginia, Allegheny Wood Products (AWP), a 50-year-old West Virginia-based internationally known hardwood producer, closed its doors recently and eliminated hundreds of jobs held by state residents.

State Economic Development Secretary Mitch Carmichael called the news “very sudden and unfortunate.” He spoke with company officials shortly after the company shuttered their doors.

AWP met with workers and told them about the decision to cease operations. The owners have been trying to sell the company but that recently fell through along with financing.

It was reported last fall that AWP had started discussions with several potential investors to avoid closing the company’s operations.

AWP is based in Grant County but has a number of locations and various operations around the state of West Virginia, including in Kingwood, where its largest mill is located. The company has an operation including its headquarters in an industrial park near Petersburg and a fumigation facility in Moorefield. The company employs about 600 people but also a few hundred contractors.

It’s the second major economic blow in the state in recent weeks following a string of significant positive announcements in 2023. Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. announced last week its decision to close its tin mill in Weirton in two months.

For more information and to read the full story, visit

HawaExpo 2024: Navigating The World Of Possibility In Vietnam’s Largest Nationally
Endorsed Export Furniture Fair

Newswires 13
Vivian Tam AHEC Hong Kong; Rupert Oliver AHEC Europe; John Chan AHEC Hong Kong; Tripp Pryor AHEC USA and Peggy Yu AHEC Hong Kong

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the professional guidance and coordination of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade, HawaExpo is organized by VIFOREST FAIR company, consisting of five associations: Viforest, HAWA, BIFA (Binh Duong Wood Processing Assoc.), DOWA (Dong Nai Wood Assoc.), and FPA (Forest Products Assoc.) Binh Dinh. The Fair is operated directly by the Handicraft and Wood Industry Association in Ho Chi Minh City – HAWA, also the site of the Expo.

Over 500 exhibitors were scheduled at HawaExpo 2024 with an impressive 50 percent being new exhibitors showcasing the finest creations from Vietnam’s manufacturing sector. More than 2,500 booths and showcases were available, spanning an expansive area of 56,000 square meters. The American Hardwood Export Council was in attendance.

Attendees had the chance to engage with 25,000 buyers and visitors from 200 countries and regions, making it an ideal opportunity to tap into the heart of the Asia furniture fair chain.

Learn more at

Carbotech Group Announces Expansion In USA

Newswires 14
Carbotech Group’s new location in Roebuck, SC.

Carbotech Group, headquartered in Plessisville, QC, continues to expand in the United States with the acquisition of a 14,000-square-foot plant in Roebuck, SC. In perfect synergy with its growth strategy, the company planned to start operations at its new facilities in mid-January 2024, primarily to serve customers in the southern United States.

With this acquisition, Carbotech Group is strengthening its ability to quickly meet the needs of its American customers. A new local team of mechanical and automation technicians will also be created. Together with the plant, this will improve the manufacturing of Carbotech equipment and enable the storage of spare parts for Autolog and Carbotech equipment.

The plant is strategically located in the heart of the American South. It will also be home to a training center to develop expertise on Carbotech and Autolog equipment so that it can reach its fullest potential.

Carbotech Group also announced the appointment of Jon Comber as Managing Director of U.S. Operations. His extensive knowledge of Carbotech and Autolog products, as well as his impressive professional background in the sawmilling industry (including experience as a plant manager), make him the ideal person for the role, according to a company spokesperson.

Carbotech Group was born of Carbotech’s acquisition of Autolog. Together, the two specialists in their fields boast over 70 years of experience in comprehensive sawmill solutions for the wood industry.

For more information, visit

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