National Hardwood Lumber Association Celebrates 125 Years Of Service

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Memphis, TN – The National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) recently celebrated its Quasquicentennial at its headquarters here during an Open House Celebration, a milestone that represents 125 years of foundational support and service to the Hardwood industry.

NHLA Executive Director Dallin Brooks described the achievement as a testament to the steadfast mission of the association to serve not only its members but the Hardwood industry at large. That mission was first established in 1898 out of a need to establish uniformity in the trade of Hardwood lumber.

The Quasquicentennial celebration will last all year long. It kicked off with a “125 Challenge.”

The “125 Challenge” is designed to get members involved by earning points through fun activities to receive exclusive NHLA commemorative gifts. Some activities are part of a member’s normal routine, such as registering for the NHLA Annual Convention. Other activities will stretch their involvement, such as speaking to a class about the Hardwood industry or taking a video of their company in action.

Also of note in 2023, the NHLA Inspector Training School will celebrate its Diamond Jubilee. For 75 years, the school has created the world’s best Hardwood lumber inspectors and has been a pioneering force in developing the future leaders of the Hardwood industry, the NHLA said.

To learn more about the National Hardwood Lumber Association, visit

For more information about the 125 Challenge and the 125th Anniversary Celebration, visit

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