Many Branches, One Industry: Wholesale Lumber Industry is Attracting a New Wave of Job Seekers With This Freshly Redesigned Website

Sept/Oct Issue

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Many Branches, One Industry: Wholesale Lumber Industry is Attracting a New Wave of Job Seekers With This Freshly Redesigned Website 1

The employee shortage for all types of industries is at an all-time high. It seems that employment opportunities are abundant, but job seekers are overwhelmed with uncertainty when it comes to selecting a long-term employer. The lumber industry is essential to multiple aspects of our lives, making it a dynamic landscape of job opportunities. NAWLA launched a new campaign and website in 2019 that focused on showcasing the diverse and rewarding careers in the lumber industry – Many Branches. One Industry. and

The campaign has been hugely successful in reaching and educating the upcoming workforce, primarily through social media channels and online career influencers. Additionally, focus on the idea of Keep Up! Keep Up! encourages younger people and an emerging workforce to do just that – keep up with the benefits of the industry – by exploring the vast educational tools, job network and rewarding possibilities available. It highlights innovation, sustainability and diversity within the sector, painting a picture that goes beyond outdated stereotypes. 

With the success of the online campaigns, there came an internal education for NAWLA of what resonates with the job-seeking demographic when it comes to the lumber industry. It quickly became apparent that there was a craving for more of a connection with the information provided through social media. With 76% of the traffic coming from our campaigns, NAWLA decided to refresh the site to reflect that. 

Highlights of the revised site are:

  • A fresh, relevant look.
  • Following the soft launch on July 16, 2021, a 56% increase in curious lumber industry enthusiasts coming to the site.
  • A new page that includes an accredited STEM program workbook and a full-page resource for universities and educational programs that focuses on forestry and lumber.
  • A page that highlights a multitude of lumber myths vs. facts and interesting facts about the industry.
  • A link to a job board with NAWLA members providing job postings for the industry.

Many Branches. One Industry. invites students, recent high school and college graduates, as well as those looking for a fresh career opportunity, to learn more about the exciting world of innovation, resource management, community, desirable places to live, competitive salaries and leading-edge technologies that come together to create one of the world’s most future-focused industries – lumber. 

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