Calling All Hardwood Industry Stakeholders!

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HMA’s National Conference and Expo 2023 is just around the corner, and for the next six weeks, it’s full steam ahead for our March 22-24 event at the JW Marriott Nashville. If your name is missing from the most current registration list, you can change that, because this is the HMA event that is open to all Hardwood industry stakeholders. Join us.

Our Conference theme is “Agents of Change.” And if your strategic plan is about making changes and moving forward, this is the 2½ day event for you. As you will see, the agenda is a mix of ‘work’ and ‘play.’

Attention Golfers!

HMA will be holding its inaugural golf tournament the morning of Wednesday, March 22. That’s right! Conference ‘early arrivals’ will be teeing off at the Gaylord Springs Golf Links, just 20 minutes from the JW Marriott Nashville.

Those interested in joining the fun will find all of the information – cost, registration, Hole Sponsorship opportunities, club rental, etc. – at And here’s the best part of it all! Funds raised from the tournament will be donated to the Real American Hardwood Coalition, the industry-wide domestic Hardwood promotion initiative started in 2019.

Email all tournament questions to Peter McCarty,, Golf organizer and TS Manufacturing Sales Representative. And yes, you can be a Sponsor even IF you do not register to golf!

Also On-Tap in Nashville

The Conference’s Wednesday and Thursday evening Receptions will provide the perfect opportunity for all attendees to browse the technology Expo, plus meet, greet, network, catch-up, make new contacts, and connect with industry colleagues and old friends. Couple all of that with great food and Nashville-style refreshments, and it’s the ‘perfect storm’ for NatCon ’23.

And to pique your interest a little more, take a look at these “Agents of Change” business sessions:

Solutions for your Mill or Yard – For those who like the information flow and format of a panel discussion, hold on to your hats. Two panels, comprised of industry specialists – showcasing specific automated equipment/processes – and HMA members – disclosing the particulars of how their businesses have benefited by these innovations, are set for Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

Let’s Talk Hardwood Promotion – Will be an update session on the exciting progress being made by the RAHC (Real American Hardwood Coalition), and what’s coming up next for this industry-wide domestic Hardwood promotion initiative.

Hardwood Markets: A Forward-Looking Conversation – In this session, Hardwood Market Report Editor, Judd Johnson, will be recapping Hardwood market performance in 2022 to determine “where things are going” in 2023.

And other presentations on the 2023 Conference agenda include:
•Implementing Agents of Change with Effective Communications and Leadership, Steve James, certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Trainer, Speaker and CEO, Frank Miller Lumber Company
•Hardwood Federation Update, Dana Lee Cole, Hardwood Federation Executive Director
•Global Market Update, Michael Snow, American Hardwood Export Council Executive Director
•Trends and Forecasts for the U.S. Domestic Economy, Dr. Chris Kuehl, Analyst, Economist, Thought-Leader, Managing Director, and co-founder of Kansas-based, Armada Corporate Intelligence

Lastly, the Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association and the Fellowship of Christian Lumbermen will be conducting their meetings in Nashville during NatCon ‘23. Their participation, along with the industry suppliers making up the Expo portion of our event, guarantees great networking and information exchange opportunities for everyone. So, join us in Nashville, March 22-24. And remember, all Hardwood industry stakeholders are invited to attend.

By Miller Wood Trade Publications

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