The Gift That Keeps On Giving All Year Long

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THE DILEMMA: How many times have you unwrapped a gift, enjoyed whatever it was (Uncle Si Bobblehead, Bob Ross Chia Pet, Cousin Eddie bathrobe) a couple of times and then it ends up in the trash come Spring? We’ll call them “landfill-bound gifts” with a limited shelf life. 

Too many to count!

And, every year it gets harder and harder to buy more things that people really want, since we’re not 20 anymore (wink wink) and we have all the stuff we really need. 

What about kids…how many times did you spend up and get them something big and amazing, only to find them having a ball playing in the empty box it came in?! 

THE SOLUTION: Giving the gift that keeps on giving, of course! The gift that’s renewable, lasts for years and years, and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. 

The gift of education and fun! Lasts a lifetime and it’ll never end up in a landfill.

If you want to wrap it in a box and then recycle, that’s ok too.

What does the gift of education cost and how easy is it to purchase? And, what do you get for your money, exactly?

Head on over to and click the orange DONATE button. Select GIVE THE GIFT OF EDUCATION and enter your info. You’ll get a pdf gift receipt and be immediately filled with holiday cheer that will last all year long.

How does your gift make a difference? 

At the North American Forest Foundation, we’re on a mission to change hearts and minds about wood, for good.

Through generous donations from companies and individuals, like you, we’re supplying teachers and kids with free resources, education, and support with our signature Truth About Trees Kits in packaged and digital formats. 

Helping kids become #exTREEmelysmart creates a healthier future for them, our industry, and the planet, for generations.

Your gift also supports the creation of a whole new digital Truth About Trees experience for Jr. High and High School aged students. Introducing them to the importance of responsible forestry and planting the seed about choosing a career in the forest products industry.

But wait, there’s more!

Your gift also ensures that we can continue supporting hands-on experiences like the Forever Forest traveling exhibit from the Omaha Children’s Museum and IHLA’s Woods on Wheels. AND, important organizations and efforts like Real American Hardwood Coalition, #ForestProud and state-level Ag in the Classroom programs.

All that’s way better than an ugly Christmas sweater, Fruitcake of the Month, or monogrammed velour track suit.

Go ahead! Give the gift that keeps on giving…for years and years. 

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, to make a donation, or find out how you can help change hearts and minds about wood, for good, please visit us at or drop me a line at

Fa-la-la-la-la…becoming #exTREEmelysmart feels so good!

By Allison Deford

By Allison Deford, Executive Director, North American Forest Foundation, Collierville, Tn 901-860-4131

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