Quarter-sawn White Oak Cabinetry is in High-Demand

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By Stacy Lindstrom of Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Quarter-Sawn Oak (QSO or QSWO for White Oak) has a history entwined with Craftsman-style homes popularized during the Arts and Crafts design period of the late 19th/early 20th century. This style of home is characterized by large wood casings around doors and windows, built-ins, and board and batten wainscoting. QSO, desired for its strength and durability, is a staple when it comes to Mission-style cabinetry and furniture, made popular by the Craftsman style. QSO is often associated with fine craftsmanship and detailing and offers a timeless, classic look. (Think Amish furniture…)

In the comparison below take a look at how the grain differs between the plain-sawn and quarter-sawn cuts. Plain-sawn gives Oak its traditional cathedral (arch) effect: the prominent, open graining that is indicative of Oak. Quarter-sawn means that the log is cut at a 45-degree angle to the radius of the rings. This creates a more consistent, tighter grain instead of the cathedral graining and adds Medullary rays or “flecking,” a feature unique to this wood species. QSO is also less likely to warp, which makes it perfect for cabinets and furniture.

Quarter-sawn White Oak Cabinetry is in High-Demand 1
Quarter-sawn White Oak Cabinetry is in High-Demand 2
This photo is a great example of both types of woodcuts; the doorframes are obviously Plain-sawn Oak while the built-in desk is made of Quarter-sawn Oak.

With design trends moving in the direction of soft contemporary, we’re seeing more colors found in nature. The light color of White Oak lends itself to more natural tones and becomes a true brown when stained darker instead of the reddish brown that Red Oak takes on. QSWO has the look of wood lightened by exposure to the sun or sea salt and adds subtle character and softness to any room when mixed with other woods or paints, such as Dove White. In fact, we introduced our Alabaster stain specifically for QSWO to get that soft, beachy feel (see photo below).

Quarter-sawn White Oak Cabinetry is in High-Demand 3
Pictured is a home office featuring QSWO with Alabaster stain on Dura Supreme Cabinetry’s Camden door, mixed with high gloss Acrylic door in black.

Whether you are designing for a traditional, transitional, or contemporary project, consider Quarter-Sawn White Oak for its beauty and timeless look!

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