Northeast Business Trends – July 2024

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Across the Northeast region, lumber sources provided varied responses but the majority, at the time of this writing, claim that there is an uptick in sales.

In Pennsylvania, a concentration yard representative said that his sales have been mediocre but that “things are moving” and when asked to compare current sales to six months ago, he said, “I think it’s better.”

His company handles Walnut in No. 2 Common and Select and Better, in addition to No. 1 Common Hard and Soft Maple with some upper grades. He also stated that “Red Oak always moves but it’s never a money maker,” and that they only work with 4/4 thickness.

He mentioned that they sell “mostly to flooring companies, end users, furniture manufacturers and some retail yards.”

In New York, a sawmill representative said that his sales are, “pretty good right now” and “better than six months ago.”

His company handles Red and White Oak. Both are “selling but the White Oak is selling better than Red.” They work with thicknesses of 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4.

They sell to Hardwood distribution yards and furniture plants.

In Maine, a lumber representative said that sales have been “decent since the beginning of the year, but I think we’re heading into the summer slowdown and people won’t need as much lumber going forward until possibly next fall.” He also noted that they were in a bit of a “transition phase” at the time of this writing and that their sales were better than they were six months ago.

His company markets Hard and Soft White Maple, Yellow Birch, and Ash in 4/4 to 8/4. He also noted that the Hard White Maple in Select and Better and Soft Maple are selling the best.

They sell to distribution yards, wholesalers, end users, flooring, pallet and railroad cross tie companies.

By Miller Wood Trade Publications

The premier online information source for the forest products industry since 1927.

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By Miller Wood Trade Publications

The premier online information source for the forest products industry since 1927.

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