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I have 7 kids ages: 23, 21, 20, 14, 12, 7, and 5 – three girls and four boys. They are so different. My oldest daughter is tall, skinny, blonde, average intelligence, above average work ethic, no musical ability, eats everything, and slow to get a joke. Her sister, who is two years younger is the exact opposite. She is short, stalky, brunette, above average intelligence, average work ethic, tons of musical ability, picky eater, and quick to get a joke. I could go on about each kid, but you get the picture.

All parents know that one solution does not fit all kids. You can’t recreate the same outcome by doing the same thing with different kids. That is what makes parenting so hard and frustrating. You do the same thing and get seven different results. Most people don’t have seven kids; I am a glutton for punishment. However, having seven kids has prepared me to be a great association executive director because it has taught me to adapt to each kid according to their needs and desires. The same thing is true about businesses, associations and coalitions.

A one-size-fits-all solution does not work for your employees, business, or Hardwood associations. The Real American Hardwood Coalition (RAHC) recognizes that and is working to allow for flexibility in fundraising. We are two months into the “Build Your World” campaign on Magnolia Network, HGTV, Hulu Live, and YouTube streaming services. The commercials are great and get the attention we need. If you have not seen them, check them out at the website; they are top-notch. Additionally, RAHC’s social media accounts are growing in influence, producing great content, and getting more and more engagement. RAHC has accomplished a lot while keeping costs down and every association working in the same direction.

We need a solution to organize and maintain long-term funding for the RAHC. The target of RAHC fundraising is $3,000,000/year. Current voluntary contributions from businesses have yet to be able to achieve more than $700,000/year. However, that was before we launched the consumer campaign. Hopefully, more (ALL) companies will contribute voluntarily to keep this going. However, not everyone can contribute dollars. However, I don’t think asking for $100 per million board feet from mills or $1,000 per million from suppliers to fund the RAHC is too much. But there are other ways to help Build Your World for those who choose not to donate money.

First, make sure all your associations are contributing to the RAHC. We currently have 30 Hardwood-related associations contributing. There are more out there: state, forestry, equipment, logging, secondary manufacturing, and business associations connected to the Hardwood industry, and we need everyone to contribute. Growing the Real American Hardwood Coalition helps not only with funding but also with voluntary manpower.

Note: To use the Real American Hardwood Logo you must be a contributor to the RAHC or be a member of a contributing association.

Second, use the RAHC logo on your website, publications, receipts, packaging, social media, signs, advertisements, and other communication. The benefit of showing the logo to consumers on the Magnolia Network will go farther if you also use the logo.

Associations give more than $250,000/year in dues and significantly more in time. If you have a little money to give, then please do. If you don’t have money, then please find another way to support this campaign. If we don’t support it, then it will end, and we will have lost another opportunity to grow and stabilize the Hardwood industry.

Why knot find your own way to support RAHC and Build Your World.

By Miller Wood Trade Publications

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