WCMA Looking Ahead To A Successful New Year

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Looking back on 2023, I am very proud of what the WCMA accomplished. We hosted our third European Plant Tour Event in northern Italy, and the individuals that attended had very positive things to say about the event, with one saying “I will remember this one as one of WCMA’s best events and encourage everyone to consider this opportunity when it comes around again. The camaraderie that grew amongst the group was special, and we all appreciated the opportunity to see state-of-the-art manufacturing plants.” Our two sponsors were exceptionally gracious and supportive, and they were very pleased with the turnout.

The association also hosted an excellent Fall Conference event in the Canton, Ohio area. We were thrilled to have a full lineup of plant tours, with an excellent mix of manufacturing facilities. The companies that we toured included wood product manufacturing, lumber processing, and machinery technology. Attendees also enjoyed the opportunity to network with their colleagues in the Hardwood industry.

And now, I am excited to look forward to 2024 and the variety of benefits WCMA has to offer.

Educational and Networking Opportunities
We’ve already started planning our 2024 Fall Conference which will be held in Iowa in the fall. There are many excellent manufacturing facilities that are open for tours, and we are excited to see the advancements made since we last visited in 2008.

In addition, we are exploring opportunities to host one-day events that will allow us to see state-of-the-art facilities in locations that are not amenable to a fall conference. If your company is interested in hosting a tour, or you know of a company that you would love to visit, please let us know.

You will also see us at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, where we will help buyers of wood components find the perfect manufacturing company for their needs.

Real Industry Promotion
As a founding contributor to the Real American Hardwood Coalition (RAHC), WCMA is invested in real promotion for domestic Hardwood manufacturers. The RAHC’s mission: “With widespread support, the Real American Hardwood Coalition (RAHC) unites the collective efforts and resources of the industry to advance American Hardwoods as the Naturally Authentic™ choice.”

Because of the WCMA’s financial support, WCMA members are able and encouraged to download and use the RAH logo on all products that qualify, and help consumers start recognizing the brand and spread the word. This exciting program helps our members’ products stand out!

You can also see our advertisements on the Magnolia network, the lifestyle channel owned by household names Chip and Joanna Gaines, and entertainment conglomerate Warner Bros., to promote Real American Hardwood® flooring, cabinetry, furniture, millwork, and more.

WCMA Membership – If you are NOT a member, you are missing out!
Below are several of the key benefits of being a member with the WCMA:

Networking/Information Exchange – One of the main reasons that members join and stay with the WCMA is because of the access that it provides to a wide range of industry experts. Your colleagues are often your best source for in-depth insight and ideas. WCMA gives you the opportunity to connect with industry professionals across the United States and into Canada.

Get New Business – Through the Member Match program, the WCMA acts as a clearing house for sales inquiries from component and dimension buyers. Inquires come in through our website, email, and calls to the office, and these are shared with all members.

Unique Events – The WCMA hosts one-of-a-kind events each year. As you can see by the outline for 2024 above, these events offer members a great chance to improve your knowledge of your industry and to connect with your peers.

National and International Promotion – The WCMA exhibits at trade shows on behalf of its members to promote component and dimension purchasing and generate sales leads. At these events, we distribute the Wood Component Buyer’s Guide with information on Tech Partners and Members capabilities and contact information.

I would love an opportunity to discuss membership in more detail with you. Please call me at 651-332-6332 or email me directly at amy@wcma.com. You can also see more about membership and all the activities that the WCMA is working on at our website, www.wcma.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Working with WCMA Members
The benefits of working with WCMA member companies are clear. Manufacturers that outsource components are more profitable than those that don’t, period. All independent studies since 1970 prove it. It’s just good business to outsource.

Finding a supplier that can consistently produce quality components and be responsive to your needs is easier than ever before. Just give us a call at 651-332-6332 or visit our source guide at www.wcma.com/source_guide.html. You will be provided with a list of WCMA Member Companies that will meet your exact requirements for dimension and component products made from Hardwoods, softwoods, and engineered wood materials. It’s that easy!

By Miller Wood Trade Publications

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