Busy Year Ahead For WCMA

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It has been a busy spring, and I have enjoyed being back on the road attending several industry events and seeing members in person. I can always tell when business is good by the attendance rate at these events, and it has been a great spring!

2023 European Plant Tour Event

The WCMA is excited to once again be hosting our European Plant Tour event. The WCMA is partnering with SCM, CMS, Superfici and Friulmac to put together a truly unique opportunity to visit manufacturing facilities in Northern Italy. The event is being held June 12-16. Throughout the week, attendees will get an exclusive look into state-of-the-art cabinet, furniture, and machinery manufacturers, giving them an edge in discovering “what’s next” in the global woodworking industry.

This event also provides an excellent opportunity to network with your peers. Conversations during the bus rides, shared meals, and during the debriefing at the end of each day will allow attendees to build camaraderie and the learning experience becomes even more valuable.

Below are just a few comments from attendees at previous European Plant Tour events:

“This was my second trip with the WCMA group to Europe and it lived up to our expectations. The combination of the plant tours, networking with other members, and just taking the time to see how other businesses operate was amazing. This will certainly help me in the future to make better decisions in our company’s growth in technology and manufacturing.”

“I found the quality of the plant tours to be excellent. They offered a diverse view into the European philosophy of manufacturing by utilizing more automation and technology, replacing aging equipment quickly, and utilizing a wide range of wood composite materials. I saw levels of automation in action that I had often dreamt of but never believed were being applied in real woodshop applications. I left my week in Europe inspired and ready to apply aspects of what I learned in my own business.”

Registration is now open. Maximum number of attendees for the event is 40 individuals, so visit the website, www.wcma.com to register today.

2023 Fall Conference & Plant Tour Event

We will also be collaborating on our 2023 Fall Conference & Plant Tour Event with WMMA for the third year in a row. The event will be in Ohio this fall and offers numerous networking opportunities and gives attendees an excellent opportunity to learn how industry professionals stay updated in areas such as woodworking machinery, equipment, tooling, supplies, software, and overall business solutions.

The event will be open to WCMA and WMMA member companies. Non-members are encouraged to attend to see what the WCMA is all about. We are sure that after participating in these excellent networking opportunities, you will be excited to join.

Conference details and registration will be announced later this year, visit the WCMA website for more information. www.wcma.com.

WCMA Membership – If you are NOT a member, you are missing out!

One of the topics discussed at a recent WCMA board meeting focused on membership growth. The board acknowledged that while it is important to retain our current members, it’s equally important to grow our membership. By welcoming new members and tech partners, we can expand current programs, develop new benefits, and add more variety to our networking, wood industry promotions, and educational opportunities. I believe every WCMA member and tech partner has something to contribute to the WCMA mission. Why not invite more wood component manufacturers and suppliers to our conversation? Below are several of the key benefits of being a member with the WCMA:

•Networking/Information Exchange – One of the main reasons that members join and stay with the WCMA is because of the access that it provides to a wide range of industry experts. Your colleagues are often your best source for in-depth insight and ideas. WCMA gives you the opportunity to connect with industry professionals across the United States and into Canada.

•Virtual and Live Events – The WCMA hosts events designed with our members in mind. These events offer members a great chance to improve your knowledge of the industry and to connect with peers.

•Exclusive use of Real American Hardwood Coalition branding and marketing resources.

If you are a current WCMA member, participate in our “Member-Get-a-Member” campaign. We make it easy for you to share our information with colleagues, just visit our website and go to the “2022 Member-Get-a-Member Campaign” page under “membership.”

If you are not a member, I would love an opportunity to discuss membership with you in more detail. Please email me directly at amy@wcma.com or call 651-332-6332. You can see more about membership and activities that the WCMA is working on at our website, www.wcma.com.

Working with WCMA Members

The benefits of working with WCMA member companies are clear. Manufacturers that outsource components are more profitable than those that do not, period. All independent studies since 1970 prove it. It’s just good business to outsource.

Finding a supplier that can consistently produce quality components and be responsive to your needs is easier than ever before. Just give us a call at 651-332-6332 or visit our source guide at www.wcma.com/source_guide.html. You will be provided with a list of WCMA Member Companies that will meet your exact requirements for dimension and component products made from Hardwoods, softwoods, and engineered wood materials. It’s that easy!

We look forward to hearing from you!

By Amy Snell

Amy K. Snell, Cae,

Executive Director, Wood Component Manufacturers Assoc., Lindstrom, Mn 651-332-6332 www.wcma.com

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