Bangkok – The Perfect Place For AHEC 25th Southeast Asia And Greater China Convention this October

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As Thailand’s capital, largest city, and economic and cultural hub, Bangkok is the standout choice for AHEC 25th Southeast Asia and Greater China Convention. On October 14th, 2022, the American Hardwood Export Council will host their first networking and educational AHEC Convention since 2019. This event, postponed for the last two years, will include presentations from US hardwood industry experts covering market conditions and opportunities in the South East Asian market, as well as presentations targeting the local Thai industry to promote the expanded use of American hardwood products. This one-day event will be held at the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park on Friday October 14th, right before the VietnamWood Trade Show begins on Tuesday the 18th. With these two events, US hardwood companies are able to visit a wide range of potential customers throughout Southeast Asia in just one week’s time. Registration for the AHEC SE Asia Convention is complimentary for all AHEC members.

Over the last decade, Southeast Asia has had considerable development in middle class incomes and in the manufacturing sector. This growing region will become increasingly important over the next decade as a potential production and end-use market for American hardwoods. This is the second time that Bangkok will host an AHEC Convention, and representatives from AHEC offices in the USA and Hong Kong will be in attendance along with 35 US hardwood companies and other hardwood trade members. Local representatives from Thai industry bodies including the Thai Timber Association and the Thai Furniture Industrial Association are excited to meet with potential suppliers of American hardwood products.

Thailand is the third biggest US hardwood lumber market in the region, following Vietnam and Indonesia. Exports of US hardwood products to Southeast Asia were roughly $390 million in 2021, with over $18 million to Thailand. Through the first half of 2022, all US hardwood exports to Southeast Asia have grown by 10% and we’ve seen excellent growth specifically in Thailand. US hardwood lumber exports to Thailand have grown by 54% so far in 2022 from last year. American White Oak continues to be the most popular species followed by Western Alder, Ash, and Walnut. American Red Oak is also gaining interest in line with other regions around the world.

The event promises a packed agenda. It will include presentations from US experts and cover the most recent market conditions and highlight opportunities for American timber and Southeast Asian importers, manufacturers and specifiers. The proven environmental credentials of American hardwood species will be a central theme for the event and provide information and insight for industry across the region relating to sustainable business and role of material selection in the future of our built environments.

The convention will also include a mini trade show and networking reception which will follow the speaking program. Running from 4-6pm, this is a platform for AHEC members and representatives of US exporters and Southeast Asian importers and end users to meet face-to-face and discuss opportunities to use American hardwood products. Registration to attend the AHEC SE Asian Convention is $750 for non-members, and free of charge for AHEC Members. AHEC Members will also have the opportunity to register for a complimentary table-top booth during the networking reception and mini trade show.

To register for the AHEC SE Asia Convention this October, visit

Bangkok – The Perfect Place For AHEC 25th Southeast Asia And Greater China Convention this October 1

By Michael Snow

By Michael Snow, Executive Director, American Hardwood Export Council, Sterling, Va 703-435-2900

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