2023 AHEC Events And Pavilions Are Opportunities To Connect With Customers And Find New Buyers

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Webinars and Zoom calls have let us meet virtually with anyone in the world from the comfort of our home office, but as any sales rep will tell you, there’s just no substitute for meeting with potential customers in person. After a much more normal year of travel in 2022, The American Hardwood Export Council is looking forward to a busy schedule of events and opportunities for your company to meet directly with interested global buyers in 2023.

In addition to what we expect to be a full slate of design, marketing, educational and networking events, AHEC has also planned pavilions at eight of the largest wood trade and furniture trade shows in the world in 2023, as well as an AHEC Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These pavilions will make premier representation available to American companies at the busiest events of the year for just $500 per booth.

2023 AHEC Events And Pavilions Are Opportunities To Connect With Customers And Find New Buyers 2

In 2023 we plan to host a U.S. Hardwood Pavilion at these events:
DelhiWood, New Delhi, India (Mar. 2-5)
Dubai Woodshow, Dubai, UAE (Mar. 7-9)
Interzum Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China (Mar. 28-31) (Possibly open to Chinese staff only)
Interzum Cologne, Cologne, Germany (May 9-12)
AHEC Convention, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (June)
TechnoMueble, Guadalajara, Mexico (Aug. 16-19)
FMC Shanghai, Shanghai, China (Sept. 9-11) (US Participation TBD)
VietnamWood 2022, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Sept. 20-23)
INTERMOB, Istanbul, Turkey (Sept. 30-Oct 3)

Each year AHEC attends over 40 trade shows globally to promote American Hardwoods, research market potential and drive local purchasing behavior. In our experience these shows we have selected provide the best opportunity this year for an American company to connect with local buyers and build strong relationships. Of course, our participation in all of these events is subject to travel restrictions and health guidelines, and event dates are subject to change.

DelhiWood in New Delhi, India will be our first pavilion of the year and is set up to accommodate up to 14 companies. Though traditionally a difficult place for Americans to do business, India has made rapid advances in the manufacturing sector and wood processing industry over the last year. 2022 has been a record year for exports of U.S. Hardwoods to India as our “exotic” woods are becoming a desired commodity in the local market. We have also seen an increase in exports of U.S. Hardwoods in value grades and species for re-export furniture. AHEC will also organize grading seminars and an AHEC “Mini-Convention” before this show in the Jodhpur region of Rajasthan.

Dubai Woodshow is the cornerstone of the timber business in the Middle East, with buyers from all over the region in attendance. Many Middle Eastern countries are very consistent buyers of Red Oak, in particular 8/4 lumber. This region can be difficult to travel around and make strong connections, so events like Dubai Woodshow are ideal for bringing in potential customers from Turkey, the UAE, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and more.

Interzum Guangzhou and FMC Shanghai are the largest shows in China and cover every aspect of the furniture and flooring industries. Visa issues may remain a concern for U.S. travelers to China, and there may be delays in processing travel documents as the country begins to open up in 2023. If you have questions about what the most current requirements and travel eligibility looks like, please check the U.S. State Department’s website: travel.state.gov.

Interzum Cologne in Cologne, Germany will be an excellent opportunity for the U.S. Hardwood industry to connect with European buyers and will be the only pavilion of the year in Europe. Running from May 9-12, this is the first in-person exhibition since our last pavilion in 2019. There will be 30 booths available in our pavilion, making it one of the largest events of the year.

TechnoMueble in Guadalajara, Mexico will provide a chance for U.S. Hardwood companies to connect with buyers in one of the fastest growing markets of the last two years. We have seen excellent growth of U.S. Hardwood exports to Mexico, thanks in large part to a supply chain shift away from China and toward manufacturing hubs closer to end markets like the USA. This show in August is the largest in Mexico and AHEC will be able to host roughly a dozen U.S. companies.

VietnamWood in Ho Chi Minh City returns in September 2023 after a slimmed-down version of the event in October 2022. After 2023, the show will return to being held every other year. Vietnam’s exponential growth has slowed down, but still remains one of our most important international markets for the foreseeable future.

AHEC last held a pavilion at INTERMOB in Turkey back in 2016, and after a few rocky years, the market has returned to a very promising target for U.S. Hardwood producers. Based on feedback from AHEC Regional Director Rod Wiles we believe the timing is right to re-enter the market with a U.S. Hardwood pavilion in late September 2023.

The AHEC U.S. Hardwood Pavilions host between 12-30 companies and space is given out on a first come, first served basis. $500 covers the space, pavilion build, electricity, flooring, lighting, and basic furniture. Due to the large demand for these spaces, registration occurs several months in advance and typically sells out the same day.

In addition to these trade shows, we also offer U.S. companies representation at our “mini trade show” during the AHEC Convention this June in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All AHEC members that register will be given a free table with their company logo at a cocktail reception with our attending Asian buyers. The event will serve to educate local buyers on the benefits of using American Hardwood products, how to specify Hardwoods, and connect them directly with you, the industry.

Above all our goal at AHEC is to represent the American Hardwood industry and connect U.S. companies to new markets. By providing a low-cost way to exhibit at international trade shows we hope to make it easy for small, family-owned companies to make a big global impact. If you are interested in attending our AHEC China Convention, SE Asia Convention, or any of the trade shows listed here, please contact AHEC’s International Program Manager, Tripp Pryor, tpryor@ahec.org.

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By Michael Snow

By Michael Snow, Executive Director, American Hardwood Export Council, Sterling, Va 703-435-2900 www.ahec.org

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