Fellowship Of Christian Lumbermen Hold End-Of-Year Meeting

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Cleveland, OH–The Fellowship of Christian Lumbermen (FCL) welcomed members to a meeting here at the Huntington Convention Center in conjunction with the National Hardwood Lumber Association Convention and Exhibit Showcase.

The FCL exists, according to their website, to encourage and support one another with the following purposes:

•To be a group of people united by faith and work, striving together to make a difference in their businesses, industry and community.

•Striving, in all things, to glorify God and strengthen each other in faith.

•To be a mentor.

•To lean on each other when faced with difficult issues.

•To step out and stand for what is right and acceptable in God’s sight, in accordance with His Word.

•To be a shining example of what a Christ-like life should be.

•To offer ourselves for accountability and to challenge us to excellence.

Learn more about how to become a member of this group by visiting www.christianlumbermen.wordpress.com.

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