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Atlanta Hardwood Corporation and AHC Hardwood Group

Atlanta Hardwood Corporation specializes in providing premium hardwoods to customers throughout the U.S. and internationally. Since 1952, Atlanta Hardwood Corporation, along with AHC Hardwood Group, has grown to be one of the largest groups of kiln drying concentration yards in the eastern U.S.

By providing customers with more than 60 species of domestic and imported hardwoods, we are able to address the needs of architects, designers and manufacturers, making available some of the most desired species from around the world.

We introduced VikingWood™ in 2016 – a natural, chemical-free hardwood treated under extremely high temperatures (400 degrees F+). The green, moisture-resistant nature of VikingWood was a deciding factor when thermally modified ash was specified for the new residence hall at Iolani School in Honolulu (featured on the cover). Structurally stable and resistant to weather-related decay, such as the high humidity conditions in Hawaii, the deep, rich-colored wood is excellent for exterior applications. VikingWood ( is produced in our facility in Cleveland, Georgia, which houses the first closed thermal modification kiln in the U.S.  VikingWood is available in a variety of domestic hardwoods for both exterior and interior applications.

For more information about Atlanta Hardwood Corporation and our affiliate companies, visit us online at, or call 800-248-4393.

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